Megalochori, the village with traditional charm

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Megalochori is a small village in Santorini. It is known for its charming traditional Greek architecture, with white houses, dark blue painted doors and windows, contrasting with the colourful flowers growing on the balconies and terraces. Megalochori is one of the few villages on Santorini that still retains its authenticity and rustic charm.

Unlike other parts of the island, Megalochori is a quiet and relaxed place, where you can enjoy authentic Greek life. You can sit in one of the central squares and sip a coffee while watching the locals pass by, or sample the delicious local food in one of the family-run restaurants lining the streets of the village.

Megalochori is also an ideal starting point for exploring the island’s nearby sites, such as the famous beach of Perissa, the local wine cellars and the picturesque villages of Pyrgos and Emporio.

Where is Megalochori

The village of Megalochori is located in the southwest of the island, about 9 kilometres from the capital Fira.

Map of Megalochori

Scroll through the following map of Megalochori village to find the most touristic sites and the best places of interest in the village, to do so zoom in on the buttons and scroll down the map.

How to get to Megalochori

From Santorini airport to Megalochori

If you arrive by plane to Santorini and want to go to Megalochori from the airport, the cheapest, safest and quickest option is to book a transfer from the airport to Megalochori, the private transfer will be waiting for you on arrival so you can make the most of your stay on the island.

You can also take a taxi, but it’s expensive as they try to take advantage of tourists.

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Getting to Megalochori by bus

To get to Megalochori by bus or public transport, check all the information, routes and timetables here.

From Athinos port to Megalochori

If you arrive in Santorini by cruise ship and disembark at the port of Athinos (the island’s main port) you can hop on one of the many buses that you will find in the port itself, as all ferries and cruise ships are connected in route and timetable with Santorini’s public transport. The journey time from Athinos port to Megalochori is approximately 25 minutes.

The most comfortable and fastest way to get to Megalochori from Athinos is to book a private transfer in Santorini 

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Booking an island tour

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The best wine tasting tours

What to see and do in Megalochori

Megalochori is a unique place with many things to see and do on your trip to Santorini. Here are some of the most important tourist attractions in the area.

Taste the best wine of Santorini

Megalochori is another of Santorini’s lively picturesque villages. It is noted for the great gastronomy in its streets, mainly in the central square of the village, where most of the restaurants and shops are located.

The vast majority of tourists visit Megalochori to buy its delicious traditional wines, the best on the island. It also has three of the largest wine cellars on the island, including the Boutari wine cellar, one of the most famous in Greece.

Without a doubt, one of the main activities in Megalochori is wine tasting.

This small village surprises by the incredible view of the caldera and a valley at the same time, but also by the small white houses, the whitewashed alleys, the bell towers and the famous arched clock tower, which you can walk under, has become a tourist place of passage for all those who visit the island.

Knowing the history of the village

You’ll see beautiful historic mansions with high walls that protected them from pirates, along with charming houses with a charming style, where the atmosphere of history about wealthy merchants and famous wine exporters of the past (and still lingers) can be felt.

As you make your way to the centre of town and arrive at the main square, you can sip a coffee in the shade of the trees it shelters.

You will notice some tavernas and restaurants offering typical Greek food. In this area you will find some of the most interesting things to see in Megalochori, such as art galleries, pottery and photography workshops where, if you wish, you can create your own pieces as a souvenir of your time here.

Organising a tour of the wine cellars

Megalochori is famous for its wine cellars and for its large and extensive vineyards. Several of Greece’s most renowned and appreciated wine brands can be found here:

Boutari Winery

This winery was founded in 1879, in Naoussa (island of Paros) and in 1980 began to manifest the possibility of doing so in Santorini. It is one of the largest and most modern wineries in Santorini and has been one of the most awarded wineries in Greece.

It bases its production on improving the development of indigenous varieties in all the regions where it has been active with its wineries. It has done so with the Assyrtiko grape, which is used for Vinsanto.

The winery has a tasting room and a wine shop, where you can buy bottles of local wine and souvenirs.

Gavalas Winery

This winery, founded in 1907, is one of the oldest and most traditional wineries in Santorini. The winery is housed in a traditional cave house, and offers wine tastings accompanied by delicious snacks.

This well-known winery has been making wine for five generations. It is one of the oldest and best wineries to visit in Megalochori.

Arvanitis Winery

This winery, founded in 1926, is one of the smallest and most family-run wineries in Santorini. The winery is housed in a traditional cave house, and offers wine tastings on a terrace with stunning sea views.

It is a traditional winery that makes its wines the old-fashioned way. You will only see stacked Russian or French wooden barrels, from which you can pour and recognise them because they have the name of the speciality written on them in chalk. You will taste the old Nychteri, the Brousko, the Roze, the Mezzo and of course the Vinsanto, which contrary to what most people think, does not mean holy wine, but wine from Santorini. The speciality of this winery is a liqueur made from 100% natural Santorini lemons: Lemo-Santo. It will be an exquisite pleasure to try it.

Discover the thermal baths of Plaka

Very close to the beach of Plaka you will find a thermal spring (said to have therapeutic properties) which is said to contain 16 trace elements and is one of the most curious places to visit in Megalochori. In 1916, 20 rooms were built on the site to serve the bathers who came to take thermal baths.

Eight separate vaulted constructions were built in which visitors took 45-minute baths. Then the tubs were emptied and another group was admitted. In 1980 it was closed down because the place was unsafe due to rocks falling from the cliff. If you want, you can visit them out of curiosity, as they are now abandoned.

Exploring the landscape of Santorini on horseback

If you enjoy horseback riding, Megalochori has several horseback riding tours available. This includes galloping along the beach, views of the caldera and rides up the hills of the cliffs.

The ride starts at the village stables, goes to the vineyards and then to Eros beach. After walking along the beach you will have to climb up the ravines and reach the top along the existing paths. Once there, you will enjoy the best views of the volcano without getting off the horse.

Horse riding in Santorini


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Sights and monuments in Megalochori

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

It is the largest church in Megalochori and one of the most prominent monuments in the village. The church was built in the 17th century and has a beautiful blue and white dome and a grandiose bell tower with a clock.

The Church of Agios Nikolaos (Church of St. Nicholas)

This is one of the most important and beautiful churches to see in Megalochori. It stands on the edge of the cliff and to get there you have to follow a steep road with a splendid view of the caldera. You will have to take the route from the Church of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary, towards the beach of Plaka.

Village square

Megalochori’s central square is a perfect place to relax and enjoy local life. The square has a couple of cafes and restaurants and a children’s playground for the little ones.

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