Villages of Santorini

Guide to the most beautiful villages of Santorini

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The island of Santorini boasts a variety of picturesque villages, each with its own unique history, architecture and attractions. Some of the most popular villages include Oia, known for its stunning sea views and beautiful sunsets; Fira, the island’s capital and a popular tourist destination for its lively nightlife, shops and restaurants; and Pyrgos, a picturesque village offering panoramic views and ancient buildings.

Other notable villages include Imerovigli, known for its panoramic views of the caldera; Akrotiri, home to an important archaeological site; Megalochori, a traditional village with beautiful old houses; Perissa and Kamari, famous for their stunning black sand beaches and a fishing port with a white sandy beach. Each village offers something unique for visitors, from beaches and panoramic views to gastronomy and local culture.

The island of Santorini is a popular tourist destination and an ideal place to explore and enjoy the natural beauty and rich history and culture of Greece.

Tour the most picturesque villages with our guide to what to see in Santorini in 2 days.

The Best Villages of Santorini

Santorini is famous for its picturesque and charming villages. From the breathtaking views of Oia to the lively nightlife of Fira, each village has its own personality and unique attractions. Discover the best villages in Santorini and experience all that this beautiful island has to offer.

Top 10 of the Most Beautiful Villages of Santorini

Visiting the villages of Santorini is a unique and unforgettable experience, offering natural beauty, culture and history, nightlife and shopping, and unique experiences for visitors to the island.

The most original village of Santorini that you have to visit without a doubt. It has incredible views of the Aegean Sea from where you can see the best sunsets on the island.

Oia is one of Santorini’s most picturesque villages, known for its spectacular sea views and traditional architecture of white houses with blue domes. It also has a rich history, as it was built in the 18th century and became an important commercial centre in the region.

Oia’s appeal lies in its breathtaking sunsets and beautiful cobbled streets lined with shops, art galleries and restaurants.

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Fira is the capital of Santorini, known for its lively nightlife, shops and restaurants and its stunning cliff-top location with breathtaking panoramic views of Santorini’s caldera.

It was built in the 18th century and boasts a traditional architecture of whitewashed houses towering over the cliff.

Fira’s appeal lies in its vibrant tourist atmosphere and the beautiful road to Santorini’s old harbour, where you can enjoy a relaxing and cultural stroll.

There are also several places of interest in Fira, such as the Archaeological Museum, the Catholic Cathedral and the Orthodox Cathedral, and it is an excellent starting point for exploring the island.

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Pyrgos, the most picturesque village on Santorini

Pyrgos is a medieval village in Santorini known for its impressive architecture.

It was the capital of Santorini until the early 19th century and boasts traditional architecture of white houses with red roofs and narrow cobbled streets.

The unique appeal of Pyrgos lies in its beautiful churches and peaceful, relaxed atmosphere.

It is also a great place to enjoy panoramic views of the island and the caldera, it is the highest village on the island and absolutely lovely to visit and one of the best places to see in Greece.

Megalochori is a very traditional place known for the best wines on the island. Many visitors head to this village to buy and enjoy the traditional Santorini wine and authentic Greek cuisine.

The village of Megalochori was built in the 17th century and has a traditional architecture of white houses with blue roofs and interior courtyards, the huge bell towers stand out in this charming village.

Firostefani is a charming village on the west coast of the island of Santorini, just a few minutes’ walk from the capital, Fira.

It is famous for its traditional architecture of white houses with blue roofs, picturesque narrow streets and breathtaking views of the caldera.

Despite its proximity to busy Fira, Firostefani offers a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere, ideal for those seeking a more serene environment. It also has a wide variety of restaurants and bars with panoramic views of the caldera, making it an ideal place to enjoy the sunset.

Imerovigli is one of the most attractive places in Santorini. Built on the edge of the caldera on the cliff, it offers a fantastic view of the volcano.

The village of Imerovigli is situated at the highest point of the island, 300 metres above sea level and in the past, it was used as a lookout for the whole island of Santorini to defend against pirates entering the bay.

Imerovigli is much quieter than its neighbours Oia or Fira, and when evening falls, it is a place where silence and intimacy are the only things that prevail. Many tourists choose this destination for accommodation.

Perissa is a popular resort town on the southeast coast of the island of Santorini, famous for its stunning black sandy beach and crystal clear waters. It is an ideal place for those looking for a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, with a wide variety of hotels, restaurants and bars.

In addition to the beach, Perissa also boasts numerous attractions, such as the church of St. Irene, ancient ruins and boat trips.

In short, Perissa is a charming seaside town that offers a beautiful beach and a variety of attractions, making it a popular destination for those looking for a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere in Santorini.

Kamari is a picturesque resort town on the east coast of the island of Santorini, famous for its beautiful black sandy beach and crystal clear waters.

It is a popular place for tourists looking for a lively atmosphere, with a variety of bars, restaurants and shops along the promenade.

In addition to the beach, Kamari boasts attractions such as the ancient Greek theatre and the island’s Wine Museum.

In short, Kamari is a popular tourist destination in Santorini, known for its beautiful beach and lively atmosphere, and is an ideal place for those looking to enjoy the beach life and explore the island’s culture and history.

Akrotiri is a village located on the southwest coast of the island of Santorini, known for its ancient ruins from the Minoan period, which are some of the most important in Greece.

In addition to the ruins, Akrotiri also boasts a beautiful beach and a variety of restaurants and bars offering spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. 

Akrotiri is a village located on the southwest coast of the island of Santorini, known for its ancient ruins from the Minoan period, which are some of the most important in Greece.

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Emporio, Santorini's medieval village

Emporio is a village in the southeast of the island of Santorini, which offers a fascinating blend of history and architecture.

With its medieval atmosphere, Emporio’s narrow streets and stone houses give it an authentic and untouristy feel.

In addition, visitors can explore the Tower of Emporio, a medieval structure that offers panoramic views of the island, as well as the church of Panagia Mesiani, an 11th century Byzantine church with impressive frescoes and mosaics. If you are looking for an authentic experience of life.

Map of the villages of Santorini

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Accommodation in the villages of Santorini

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Frequently asked questions about the villages of Santorini

How many days do I need to visit the villages in Santorini?

You need at least 3 days to visit the villages of Santorini. For a complete experience, it is recommended to dedicate a whole week to your visit.

When is the best time to visit Santorini?

The best time to visit Santorini is in spring (April-May) or autumn (September-October), when the weather is mild and there are fewer tourists, but summer is wonderful.

How to get to the villages of Santorini?

You can reach Santorini by plane or ferry from Athens and other Greek island destinations. Once on the island, there are taxis, car hire and car buses, we recommend you always book in advance and keep track of such priority services.

Is it necessary to rent a car in Santorini?

It is not necessary to hire a car in Santorini, but it is highly recommended if you wish to explore the island on your own, you can check out the different ways to get around Santorini from the transport website.

What is the currency used in Santorini?

The currency used in Santorini is the Euro.

Are there beaches in Santorini?

Yes, there are beaches in Santorini. The most famous are the Red Beach, the White Beach and the Black Beach, see all the beaches of Santorini here.

What languages are spoken in Santorini?

The official language in Santorini is Greek, but many locals speak English and other tourist languages.

Are there vegetarian and vegan options in Santorini’s restaurants?

Yes, there are vegetarian and vegan options in many of Santorini’s restaurants, and some restaurants specialise in vegetarian and vegan food.

Which is nicer Oia or Fira?

For accommodation I think Oia is better, quieter and prettier. Fira’s narrow streets are livelier and there are more people. A very good option between the two is Imerovigli; the views of the caldera are the best and the accommodation is cheaper and very quiet.