Transports in Santorini

Getting around Santorini

Planning to visit the beautiful island of Santorini but worried about how to get around? Don’t worry, we have the best options for getting around Santorini. From exciting quad biking and cycling adventures to convenient transfer services and affordable public buses, there’s a perfect option for every type of traveller. Discover the beauty of Santorini at your own pace and make the most of your experience with our transport tips.

Remember that Santorini is an island full of natural wonders, pristine beaches and charming little villages. To explore all that the island has to offer, it is important to have a reliable and efficient means of transport so we have made a list of recommended transport in Santorini to get you around the island and make the most of your experience.

1. Private transfers in Santorini

Get around the island of Santorini without worries

Santorini is an island with small streets and few places to park, that’s why in our top 1 is the private transfer, you can see the availability here, move around without having to worry about driving or the constraints of schedules and public transport, you will not have to carry luggage or look for parking.

This service allows you to move around the island enjoying the comfort and privacy of a personalised trip.

The private transfer service is tailored to your needs and preferences, the drivers are knowledgeable about the roads and the local language, the vehicles are all comfortable and will make your arrival or travel even more enjoyable.

Remember that by getting this service, you will save time and avoid long waits in public transport stations or on the street trying to find a taxi. You will also pay what is fair and necessary without having to negotiate with taxi drivers for an expensive and exorbitant price.

We recommend you to use these transfers rated as the best private transportation services in Santorini.

-Transfers in Santorini for 2 people

-Transfers in Santorini for 4 persons.

Transfers in Santorini for 8 persons

The private transfers allow you to move to and from any part of the island (Airport, Port, Emporio, Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, Kamari, Megalochori, Mesaria, Oia, Perissa, Pyrgo and all the beaches).

Getting around Santorini by Quad

The most exciting and adventurous way to explore the island of Santorini.

Renting a quad bike and getting around the island and discovering every corner of Santorini is the most popular form of transport for tourists. With a quad bike or motorbike, you won’t have any parking problems as you can park wherever you want but above all, you will have the feeling of freedom and explore the island of Santorini at your own pace.

It is one of the ultimate must-do experiences on your list of things to do in Santorini, driving your own vehicle and discovering hidden places while enjoying the breathtaking views all around you.

One of the most outstanding advantages of getting around on a quad bike or scooter in Santorini is the flexibility and freedom they offer you. You can stop wherever you want, take pictures, explore the island’s hidden spots and enjoy panoramic views that you wouldn’t be able to experience any other way.

If you fancy a personalised route, we recommend the best on the island:

Quad adventure through the beaches, windmills and the most traditional corners of Santorini.


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Frequently asked questions about riding a quad bike or motorbike in Santorini

Do I need a driving licence to rent a quad bike in Santorini?
Yes, you need a valid driving licence to rent and drive a quad bike in Santorini.

Are there any age restrictions for renting a quad bike in Santorini?
Yes, in general, the minimum age to rent a quad bike in Santorini is 18 years old.

Do I need insurance to drive a quad bike in Santorini?
Yes, insurance is compulsory to drive a quad bike in Santorini. Most quad bike rental companies include basic insurance in the rental price.

Is it compulsory to wear a helmet on a quad or scooter?
No, wearing a helmet is optional, but it is always included in the price.

Is it safe to drive a quad bike in Santorini?
In general, driving a quad bike in Santorini is safe, as long as you follow the traffic laws and take the appropriate precautions.

Is it advisable to book a quad bike in advance?
Yes, it is recommended to book a quad bike in advance to guarantee availability and get better prices.

How much does it cost to rent a quad bike in Santorini?
The price of renting a quad bike in Santorini varies depending on the rental company and the duration of the rental. In general, prices range between 30£ and 70£ per day, depending on the model of the quad and the season in which it is rented.

3. Getting around by bus in Santorini

Getting around Santorini by Public Transport

Public buses in Santorini are an excellent option for those looking for a cheap and easy way to travel around the island.

Santorini is a small but well-developed island in terms of public transport, so getting around the island without a car is entirely possible. The main thing to know is that each and every bus line that runs in Santorini stops at the main bus station in Fira, known as the central square.

Buses in Santorini are modern, comfortable and even equipped with air-conditioning, so you can travel in comfort on the hottest days.

Standard adult fares range from £1.80 to £2.50, depending on the destination. This fleet of Santorini buses covers the main places and points of interest on the island, from the main towns to the most touristic beaches, as well as Santorini’s international airport.

For an updated route and price table please visit the official KTEL website.

Bus timetables in Santorini

Bus schedules in Santorini are irregular, so be aware that in high season (May to September) buses are almost always full and waiting times are long, as if a bus runs out of space you have to wait until one with empty seats arrives. Buses run about every 20-30 minutes and between October-April (low season) between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Bus Routes in Santorini

Route from Fira to Oia: Direct route for 1.80£.

Route from Fira to Firostefani / Imerovigli: Stops in Fira, Imerovigli, Firostefani, circular route for 1,80£.

Route from Fira to Perissa: Stops at: Fira, Karterados, Messaria, Vothonas, Pyrgos, Megalochori, Emporio, Perivolos beach and Perissa beach for 2,40£.

Route from Fira to Kamari: Stops at : Fira, Karterados, Messaria, Exo Gonia and Kamari beach for 1,80£.

Route from Fira to Akrotiri: Stops at: Fira, Karterados, Messaria, Vothonas, Pyrgos, Megalochori, Akrotiri Village and Red Beach for 2£.

Route from Fira to Airport: Direct route: Fira-Airport for 1,80£.

Route from Fira to Athinios Port: Stops at: Fira, Karterados, Messaria, Vothonas and Athinios Port for 2,30£.

Fira Athinios Port Express Route: Direct Fira to Athinios Port for 2.30£

Please note that the Athinios Port and Athinios Port Express bus timetables change daily according to the ferry timetables. The port bus timetable is published one day in advance at the bus station in Fira.

Retail bus routes

Route from Fira to Monolithos: Stops at: Fira, Karterados, Messaria, Airport, Monolithos Beach Price 1,80£.

Route from Fira to Oia: Stops at: Fira, Pori Beach, Koloumpos Beach, Oia 1,80£

Route from Fira to Baxedes: Stops at: Fira, Baxedes Beach for 1,90£.

Route from Fira to Vlichada: Direct route Fira, Vlichada Beach for 2,50£.

Route from Fira to Vourvolos: Direct route Fira, Vourvolos for 1,80£.

Route from Fira to Exo Gonia: Stops at: Fira, Monolithos Beach, Exo Gonia for 1,80£.

Route from Fira to Emporio: Direct route Stops at: Fira, Emporio for 1.80£.

Map of public transport routes in Santorini

2. Getting around Santorini by car

There are many reasons why renting a car in Santorini can be a great idea for getting around the island. Here are just a few of them:

Flexibility and freedom: By renting a car, you will have the freedom to explore the island at your own pace. You can stop at any time and place that interests you and enjoy the sights and scenery around you.

Time saving: By owning your own vehicle, you can reach the most popular tourist sites in less time and without having to rely on public transport or taxis.

Cost: Renting a car can be cheaper than taking taxis or hiring a private tour. In addition, you can save time and money by opting for a small, economical vehicle that consumes less fuel.

Exploring remote places: Santorini has many beautiful and remote places that are difficult to reach by public transport. With a car, you can explore these areas and discover some of the island’s hidden gems.

5. Getting around Santorini by taxi

Taxis in Santorini are a convenient and safe option for getting around the island, especially for short distances or for travel within the town itself. However, it is important to make sure you agree a price with the driver before you start your journey and to check that the taxi is licensed and authorised.

The main taxi station in Santorini is located in Fira Square.

Typical taxi fares for 1 to 4 persons:
-From the Port (port of athinios) to Fira (capital), approximately 25,00£.
-From the Port (port of athinios) to Oia (Ia), approximately 40,00£.
-From the airport to Fira (capital), approximately 25,00£.
-From the airport to Oia (Ia), approximately 35,00£.
-From Fira (capital) to Oia (Ia), approximately 25,00£.