Events, Parties and Festivals in Santorini


Santroini International Music Festival

The Santorini International Music Festival is one of the island’s most important cultural events and is held annually during July and August. The festival attracts artists and musicians from all over the world to perform their music in a variety of venues across the island, from small theatres to open-air spaces overlooking the sea.

The main aim of the festival is to promote classical and contemporary music and to offer a varied and high quality music programme that appeals to a diverse audience. The festival concerts are performed by internationally renowned musicians as well as promising young talents.

The musical genres presented at the festival include classical music, opera, jazz, contemporary and traditional Greek music. The concerts are carefully selected to offer an exciting and varied musical experience for festival-goers.

Santorini Film Festival

The Santorini Film Festival is an annual event held on the island of Santorini during the month of September. The festival presents a selection of independent and auteur films from around the world, including feature films, short films and documentaries.

The aim of the festival is to promote independent cinema and support emerging and established filmmakers, as well as to provide an opportunity for viewers to enjoy unique and original films. In addition, the festival seeks to encourage film education by organising workshops, panel discussions and masterclasses given by film industry professionals.

Oia Festival

The Feast of Oia is an annual event held in the town of Oia. This festival is held in honour of the Virgin Mary, one of the most important religious figures for the Greek Orthodox.

The festival begins on the 14th of August, when a procession of the Virgin Mary takes place through the streets of Oia. The procession is accompanied by traditional music and dances, while the villagers launch rockets and fireworks in honour of the Virgin.

After the procession, a mass is held in the main church of Oia, where an offering of blessed bread is made to the faithful. Afterwards, attendees enjoy traditional Greek food and drink in an all-night feast.

During the Oia Festival, a number of cultural and sporting events also take place, such as swimming competitions and horse races. In addition, visitors can enjoy traditional Greek music and participate in folk dances with the inhabitants of Oia.

Santorin Beer Festival

The Santorini Beer Festival is held during the month of August. The festival aims to celebrate beer culture and showcase craft beers from all over the world.

The festival takes place in a stunning location, close to the Aegean Sea and facing the volcano of Santorini. During the festival, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of craft beers, including local and international brands. Attending brewers also have the opportunity to interact with producers and taste new beers in development.

Water Festival

The Water Festival is an event held during the month of August. The aim of the festival is to celebrate the importance of water and its fundamental role in everyday life on the island.

The festival takes place in the harbour of the town of Thira, where various water-related activities take place, including swimming competitions, water sports, boat rides and other recreational activities.

The highlight of the festival is a massive water battle, where attendees throw water at each other with everything from bottles and buckets to water pistols. This tradition dates back centuries, when the islanders celebrated the end of the harvest season with a big feast where they threw water and food at each other.

Grape Harvest Festival

The Grape Harvest Festival is an annual event that takes place in September in Santorini. This festival is held in honour of the grape harvest and wine production, which are very important activities for the island’s economy and culture.

During the Grape Harvest Festival, the inhabitants of Santorini dress up in traditional costumes and gather in the vineyards to harvest the grapes. After the harvest, a grape blessing ceremony takes place in the local church, where an offering of grapes is made and the gods are thanked for the successful harvest.

After the religious ceremony, the islanders gather in the main square to celebrate with food, drink and traditional Greek music. Visitors can taste the local wine and enjoy a variety of typical Greek dishes, such as the famous feta, olives, tzatziki, among others.

Feast of St. John

Santorini’s St. John’s Day is celebrated on Kamari beach, where islanders and visitors gather to light bonfires and participate in festive activities. The most common tradition on this holiday is to jump over the lit bonfires, which is believed to bring good luck and purification of the body and soul.

In addition to bonfires, Midsummer’s Day in Santorini is celebrated with traditional music, dancing and local food. Restaurants and bars on Kamari beach offer delicious fresh fish and seafood dishes, and the party continues late into the night.

Another interesting tradition on Midsummer’s Day is the throwing of lanterns into the sea.


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