Santorini in 2 days

Travel guide for two days in Santorini

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If you are planning a 48-hour trip to Santorini, it is important that you plan your activities and destinations well. Here are some recommendations for you to enjoy your 2 days in Santorini.

What to do and what to see in Santorini in 2 days

Experience the magic of Santorini in just two days. Discover this beautiful island destination, with its iconic white houses and blue roofs perched on cliffs. Wander the picturesque alleys, enjoy its breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and be seduced by its famous sunsets. Immerse yourself in the local culture, taste the delicious gastronomy and relax on the crystal clear beaches.

Itinerary of the best things to do if you visit Santorini in two days

Day 1: Oia-Fira-Kamari

Start your day early with a visit to the picturesque Oia town, one of the most famous and photogenic villages of Santorini. If you don’t have accommodation yet, don’t miss the opportunity to spend a night at the luxurious Village of Oia, the best hotel in Oia.

Watch the sunrise from the viewpoint of the church of Panagia and capture some breathtaking photos.

While walking through the narrow cobblestone streets of the village surrounded by blue domes you can make a stop at the Atlantis bookstore, a must visit in Oia, then get lost in the alleys and sit down to enjoy a good Greek coffee while watching the views of the Aegean Sea.

The next stop is one of the most recommended on a short 2 day trip to Santorini, to get to Ammoudi bay you will have to go down some stairs near the castle of Oia. Ammoudi is the perfect place to stroll and enjoy the seafood restaurants, there is also a beach with fine sand and crystal clear waters.

Santorini pueblo Oia
El pueblo de Oia en Santorini

After exploring all morning the town of Oia, head to the capital of Santorini, Fira. You can arrive by public transport or private transfer, a good option if you do not want to waste time and take advantage of every day on the island.

In Fira, it is very typical to take a cable car to the old harbor as it offers breathtaking panoramic views. Not far from there, you will find the Archaeological Museum of Thera, one of the most important museums in Greece, and the Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral, two must-see places in Santorini in 2 days.

If you want to go shopping or buy souvenirs and souvenirs, strolling along the main street of Fira is the best place. You will also find plenty of restaurants overlooking the caldera of Santorini, as well as small fast food stalls.

In the afternoon, after lunch at one of Fira’s restaurants, head to Kamari beach for a relaxing afternoon. Enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea, relax in the sun and try some of the water sports on offer at the beach.

If you are not a lover of sand and sun don’t worry, Kamari is a seaside village with a large promenade full of bars with live music and a very lively life, you will also find an outdoor cinema where you can enjoy a unique experience.

Before sunset, return to Oia to enjoy the most breathtaking sunset of Santorini. If you have a private pool in your room, you will enjoy a romantic and unforgettable moment as a couple.

Another point to enjoy the sunset is the castle of Oia, you will be able to see how the sun sets behind the nearby islands, creating a spectacular view that you can not miss.

Day 2: Excursion and Red Beach

We start the second day of our express trip to Santorini in 48 hours returning to Fira and dedicating the morning to visit the volcano, Thirassia and the hot springs of Santorini.

After the most typical excursion of the island, we will go to see the most famous beach, the Red beach. You can swim in its crystal clear waters, or if you prefer, visit the ruins of Akrotiri which are very close to the beach.

In the evening, enjoy dinner at one of the restaurants in Fira or Oia and relax with a breathtaking view of the Caldera under the stars.

5 Things to do in Santorini in 2 days

There are plenty of things to do in a short 2-day visit to the island of Santorini. If our itinerary doesn’t convince you, we want to share with you many other things to do with your partner in 48 hours.

Getting lost in Santorini's most picturesque villages

Santorini is a perfect place to visit in just 2 days.

The picturesque village of Oia, famous for its charming white houses with blue domes and stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the island’s most iconic sunsets.

Santorini’s lively capital, Fira, offers a unique combination of traditional architecture and lively nightlife. Its narrow cobbled streets are home to a variety of restaurants, shops and bars, while its clifftop location offers panoramic views of the volcanic caldera.

The tranquil village of Imerovigli, known as the “Balcony of the Aegean”, Imerovigli is a picturesque cliff-top village. It offers a spectacular view of the caldera and is famous for its quiet and romantic atmosphere, ideal for romantic getaways and unforgettable moments.

Perissa and its volcanic beach, known for its black volcanic sand beach and crystal clear waters. This picturesque seaside village has a wide selection of restaurants, bars and water activities, making it a popular destination for sun and sea lovers.

Visiting the most beautiful beaches on the island

Vlychada beach and white beach are one of the best places to visit in 2 days.

Vlychada beach stands out for its unique lunar landscape. Approaching the beach, visitors are greeted by volcanic rock cliffs sculpted by the wind and sea over the years. These geological formations create a dramatic and surreal appearance, with light shades of white and grey contrasting with the intense blue of the Aegean Sea. The sand at Vlychada is a soft golden hue, offering a peaceful and relaxing place to lounge in the sun.

White Beach captivates visitors with its charm and natural beauty. The soft white sand contrasts with the crystal clear turquoise waters of the sea, creating an idyllic and paradisiacal atmosphere. The beach is protected by high volcanic cliffs, which provide privacy and a sense of isolation amidst the natural beauty.

Touring Ammoudi Bay

The port of Ammoudi is a very picturesque fishing port, which is located right next to the beach. There are several restaurants and tavernas serving fresh fish and seafood, and tourists can enjoy dinner overlooking the sea and the harbour. There are also some tour companies offering boat trips and donkey rides from the harbour.

Knowing the history of the Akrotiri Lighthouse

The Akrotiri lighthouse is one of the tallest lighthouses in Greece, with a height of 11 metres. It is built in a strategic location on the coast at the tip of the Akrotiri peninsula, where its light can be seen from a great distance in the Aegean Sea. It was originally operated by oil lamps and reflectors, but in the 1980s it was electrified and automated.

Visiting the Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral

The Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral of Fira, also known as the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, is an important place of worship for the local Orthodox community and is one of the island’s most popular tourist sites.

The cathedral was built in the early 18th century on the site of an earlier Byzantine church that was destroyed by an earthquake in 1956. Construction of the present church began in 1827 and was completed in 1840. The church is a magnificent example of Cycladic Orthodox architecture, with its characteristic blue dome and bell tower.


The best Santorini tours and excursions to visit in 2 days

If you only have two days to visit Santorini, it’s important to plan your activities well to make sure you get the most out of your time on the island. Here are some of the best Santorini tours you can do in 2 days:

Recommended hotels to stay 2 days in Santorini

Santorini is a popular island for tourists and there are a wide variety of hotels to stay in. If you are looking for the best hotels to spend the night in Santorini during your 2-day visit, here are some of the top choices for a dream night out with your partner.


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The best activities for 2 days in santorini

For a fun weekend in Santorini we recommend the following activities and excursions: